The Finnish Air Rescue Society

The Finnish Air Rescue Society is a national volunteer Air Rescue umbrella organisation.

Our task is to Coordinate rescue and air fire fighting operations, which we conduct when requested by the authorities. We train our crews for example to assist he police in search for missing individuals, fly forest fire surveillance flights and support fire fighting flights.

We mainly operate with a four seated aircraft, crewed by a pilot, a mission commander and two observes. TETRA communications equipment and GPS devices are in common use.

Remotely piloted aircraft are the next step to append to our fleet, followed by motorized paragliders. We hope to have the first alert crews ready at summer 2017.

The aircraft is fast, cost-effective and, often, the only mode of transport that can search, locate and guide rescue operations over large areas. We are proud of the fact that we can often significantly assist our cooperation partners in emergencies and when the need is great.

We provide search and rescue services.

  •  over 1,000 trained Air rescue volunteers
  •  over 70 aircraft
  •  we conduct more than 100 search and rescue missions annually

The Finnish Air Rescue Society operates in co-operation with:

  • Ministry of the Interior
    • Police forces
    • Fire departments
    • Emergency centers
  • Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA)
  • Finavia – aerial rescue control centers (ARCC)
  • Finnish Aeronautical Association
  • Finnish Red Cross
  • Voluntary Rescue Service
  • The National Defence Training Association of Finland
  • The Finnish Lifeboat Society

Our values and driving forces

  • Selflessness
  • People orientation
  • Safety
  • Competence
  • Environment friendly